Theft Detection and Recovery

Theft Detection and Recovery

Private Investigations
Theft Detection and Recovery

Theft Detection and Recovery

Theft, be it domestic or corporate, can have devastating impacts. From the loss of valuable items to a breach of personal security, the effects are far-reaching and often emotionally distressing. For a business, theft can lead to significant financial losses and even damage a company’s reputation. Preventing and promptly addressing such incidents is crucial in preserving one’s assets and ensuring long-term success.

At LIA Security and Investigations, we offer professional theft detection and recovery services, working tirelessly to protect what rightfully belongs to you. Our highly trained and experienced team of investigators will leave no stone unturned. We use the latest technology and techniques to identify potential security vulnerabilities and develop tailored solutions to detect theft before it happens.

Domestic and Corporate Theft Detection

Our experienced investigators employ a variety of techniques to detect theft in both domestic and corporate settings. For domestic theft, this could involve investigating break-ins, theft by domestic staff or loss of personal items such as vehicles, jewelry, or monetary items. In the corporate world, our investigations extend to monetary theft, property theft, embezzlement and other inside jobs.

Our investigators are trained to identify patterns and behaviors that can indicate suspicious activity, and we conduct thorough background checks on employees to ensure their trustworthiness.

Undercover Investigations

Undercover investigations form a key part of our approach. Our investigators are trained in the latest surveillance methods, allowing them to blend seamlessly into any environment. This enables them to identify individuals involved in theft or networks of thieves, gathering crucial evidence while maintaining utmost confidentiality.

Assisting Law Enforcement

Our role goes beyond detection; we also assist in the recovery process. Collaboration with law enforcement agencies is an integral part of this, acting as a bridge between victims and the authorities. We compile comprehensive dossiers of evidence – financial records, witness statements, surveillance footage and more – to support official investigations and increase the chances of successful prosecution.

Recovery and Protection

Our commitment extends to aiding in the recovery of stolen assets. Through detailed investigation and utilization of extensive resources, we can trace stolen assets, helping victims recover their losses and regain control. Additionally, we assess vulnerabilities in personal or business security systems and advise on preventive measures to guard against future theft incidents. Our experience allows us to provide tailored advice on preventive measures, ensuring our clients are well-equipped to prevent future theft incidents and maintain the highest level of security.

Secure Your Assets with LIA Security and Investigations

Theft detection and recovery require a professional approach. At LIA Security and Investigations, we combine technical skills with a deep understanding of the emotional distress that theft can cause. Our commitment to safeguarding your assets and ensuring your long-term well-being is unwavering.

If you are dealing with the aftermath of theft or want to take proactive measures to protect your assets, we are here to help. Contact us today to start your journey towards enhanced security and peace of mind.

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Our investigators possess a wealth of experience in the field of private investigation, accumulated over many years. We take pride in our successful track record of obtaining proven results. At LIA Security & Investigations Inc, we combine cutting-edge technology with traditional knowledge to provide comprehensive support in various capacities.

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We utilize the most advanced, high-end equipment to provide the most
accurate surveillance results – military-grade night vision cameras, covert
audio/video, and satellite GPS tracker systems.


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