Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks

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Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks

Maintaining the safety and integrity of your organization is of utmost importance. Conducting thorough vetting of individuals before they join your team is a crucial step in mitigating potential risks. A comprehensive criminal background check safeguards your business from potential threats that may arise from individuals with a criminal history. By partnering with LIA Security and Investigations, a reputable private investigations agency, you can ensure that your background checks are accurate and compliant.

What is a Criminal Background Check?

A criminal background check is an investigative tool used to uncover an individual’s criminal history. It involves a detailed search of national and local records to identify any reportable criminal records associated with your potential employees. The results of these checks provide valuable insights into a candidate’s past behavior, which can help predict their future actions.

What Information Does a Criminal Background Check Uncover?

Criminal background checks delve deep into an individual’s history to reveal crucial information. They uncover details about felony and misdemeanor convictions, infractions or violations, arrests, court orders, decrees, judgments and sex offenses. These checks also validate Social Security Numbers and pull credit reports, providing a snapshot of a person’s financial history. This information paints a comprehensive picture of a potential hire beyond what’s visible on a resume or discernible in an interview.

Why Criminal Background Checks Are Important

Understanding a candidate’s criminal background plays a significant role in the decision-making process. It helps confirm candidate eligibility and fit, understand organizational risk and comply with industry regulations. Moreover, it protects your brand’s reputation and reassures customers and employees about workplace safety.

Criminal background information is a key factor when weighing your options for potential hires. It helps protect your businesses from fraud, embezzlement, substance abuse problems, and other negative consequences from bad hires. Furthermore, depending on your industry, certain criminal offenses may make a candidate ineligible for a role.

The Role of Private Investigators in Conducting Background Checks

At LIA Security and Investigations, our licensed investigators conduct detailed criminal background checks. Armed with the latest investigative technology, we not only use the largest network of data sources but also perform manual searches. Our meticulous approach ensures a higher level of certainty than typical data mining services and delivers accurate, compliant background check reports.

Choose LIA Security and Investigations for Comprehensive Background Checks

At LIA Security and Investigations, we pride ourselves on providing quick turnaround times, accurate data and compliant background checks that you can rely on. Our team of experienced investigators delivers comprehensive pre-employment background checks to help companies differentiate between the right candidates and the wrong people for the job.

A thorough criminal background check is an essential part of the recruitment process. It is a proactive step towards ensuring the safety and integrity of your organization. We encourage you to call us to perform a thorough criminal background check alongside our private investigators. Let us help you make informed decisions and create a safe and secure environment for your business.

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