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Drone and Aerial Surveillance

Drones are very popular these days, especially artists and photographers are employing them to capture beautiful shots and pictures. Moreover, drones have provided investigating agencies with a new means to carry out effective and helpful surveillance investigations.

The most important thing in conducting an investigation is to always keep an eye on the suspect, which somehow is difficult, and that’s why the LIA investigation firm uses unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as Drones.

We employ unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), also known as drones, to conduct surveillance and collect important information/evidence in our investigation practice.

LIA Investigations Pilots are licensed to fly drones and we are aware of the laws related to the use of drones and carrying out aerial surveillance. Every investigation performed by us is administered following U.S. Law.

Our drones are equipped with high definition, live-feed video cameras, thermal infrared vision cameras, heat sensors, and radar—that help us to conduct sophisticated and persistent surveillance. Whether you need to record a video or require still images in daylight or infrared our drones can provide both. It is also equipped with GPS for tracking exact locations.

Benefits of using drones for surveillance.

  • Help you to reach out to the places that are remote, mountainous, high points, or over water and tough for an investigator to carry out successful surveillance.
  • Help find the routes that are normally don’t appear on map applications since any map app is not perfect.
  • Provide better sight to keep an eye on every situation.
  • Drones are quick and cover more areas in less time.

Our team of highly trained and licensed private detectives manages your case, conducts surveillance, and gathers evidence ensuring all investigation work is dealt with ethically and following the law.

LIA Investigations’ team of investigators and logistics experts is committed to providing its services all around Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC assisting individuals, businesses, and attorneys.

Request a Free and Confidential Consultation today. We will offer you the advice necessary to ensure that you find the best investigative solution to suit your requirements.

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