LIA Investigations in Georgetown

LIA Investigations in Georgetown

LIA Investigations in Georgetown, Washington DC

LIA Investigations team of private investigators and logistics experts in Georgetown, Washington DC, is one of the most advanced and reliable investigation companies committed to assisting individuals, businesses, and attorneys with the information and investigation services they require in the US.

In Georgetown, Washington DC, LIA Investigators and private detectives in LIA are highly trained and professionals with vast experience in their field.

What sets our firm apart from the competition is our ability to solve cases quickly and efficiently. Equipped with the best facilities and resources in the industry, including access to the latest database and a widespread network of unique sources in Georgetown, Washington DC, it gives us the edge and allows us to deliver the services according to your needs.

Let our team of expert private detectives manage your case, conduct surveillance, and gather evidence while ensuring all investigation work is dealt with ethically and following the law.

If you need a private detective in Georgetown, Washington DC, feel free to reach us. One of our professionals will work with you to figure your expectations and build a strategy that fits your necessities.


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