LIA Investigations in Fairfax Virginia

LIA Investigations in Fairfax Virginia

LIA Investigations in Fairfax, Virginia

Welcome to LIA investigations, Fairfax, Virginia. A renowned private investigation firm and logistics experts in the Mid-Atlantic region, performing criminal defense investigation, background checks to domestic & divorce investigations, and several others. Trusted by individuals, businesses, and attorneys with their private investigation and legal requirements.

We offer you a team of industry best professionals and proficient private detectives to manage your case. With their immense experience, they will present the services tailored to your needs, ensuring all investigation work is dealt with ethically and under the law.

Our detectives are well equipped with all the required supplies and advanced technical gadgets to examine any case size with exceptional routines to seek leads, collect evidence, and organize facts. They can adequately and efficiently handle your case with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

We recognize Fairfax VA better than anyone. Extensive familiarity with each street and corner of the city with contacts all around that help us quickens the investigation with total responsibility.

You can rely on us, the LIA Investigation agency, for getting leads to conduct surveillance, gather evidence, and take GPS tracking investigations in and around the Leesburg area.

Are you looking for a private detective in Fairfax, VA? Reach out to us for almost every investigation service, and one of our professionals will sit with you to figure your purposes and create a strategy that satisfies your requirements.


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